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Interpretation Services


At i-Call International, our interpretation services are designed to meet the needs of you and your clients. We understand that every client is unique, and we work hard to ensure that every project goes smoothly. Our interpreters are experienced in almost all languages, and can provide services for any type of event or conference. We offer HIPAA training for our interpreters as well as constant QA checks so that you always know what level of quality you’re getting from us.

Our goal is to help you create an effective team that will help your business succeed by providing quality interpretation services at an affordable price.

We believe that the best interpreters are those who are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing the highest quality service. That’s why we’ve always focused on hiring only the best interpreters, regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

Our interpreters are all experienced in handling a wide range of situations and will be able to help you get through any situation with ease. They’ve been trained in HIPAA compliance, so they understand the importance of keeping your information secure. And they’re constantly tested on their knowledge of idioms and cultural nuances so that you can feel confident that your information will be interpreted accurately every time!

We also offer continuous QA testing for our interpreters—Hence, if there is anything amiss with the interpreters, whether it be in terms of protocols, accuracy or customer service, the interpreters are regularly trained and coached so that they keep on improving and maintain the highest level of quality and standard aimed by i-Call International.